Over the course of five weeks, the group designed and built this interactive piece.
+ 6 inflatable spiral tentacles
prototyped multiple thicknesses of polyethylene (plastic)
designed several different shapes before landing on spirals
cut and sealed with laser cutter
+ 1 air pump
connected to tentacles via plastic tubing 
interfaced with light sensor and power switch 
+ 21 multi-colored LEDs
each connected to 8-10 fiberoptic cable strands
interfaced with light sensor and power switch
+ 1 light sensor 
interfaced with LEDs and air pump
+ 1 Ikea NOT lamp
stand and switch to override power flow
+ 0 magnets, 0 levitation 
built and tested separately
too sensitive; cut in this rapid-design iteration​​​​​​​
Shape inspiration sketch by Arya
Bioluminescence research by Arya
Original concept draft design by Nik
Tentacle sketches by Arya
+ Multiple light sensors interfaced with different colored light circuits for multi-directional interaction
+ Ventilation mechanism for tentacles to be better self-sustaining without fear of popping seams
+ Ceiling mount; P. luminescens would be suspended from the ceiling rather than propped on a floor stand 
music by niklas mittelsdorf
Filmed and edited by Sarah Fuchs